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Lyrids Meteor Activity
Echoes received @ Roswell, NM
via 25 MHz WWV
Sunday, April 22, 2018

DTV 11 (198.31 MHz) Meteor Activty

DTV 2 Meteor Activty for June 7, 2017
A meteor shower was predicted during the daytime.
Chart times are in UT.
April 1, 2017 Solar Burst Effects on Ionosphere
WWV20, WWV25 and E-Callisto receivers at Roswell, NM

There is a significant fading of WWV's 20 MHz signal
at 2146 UT and returned about 2200 UT.
Another SID occurs at 2301 UT.
25 MHz shows some real wobbling at 2143.

Solar activity is back!

20 to 80 MHz from E-callisto.

Echoes during June 2, 2016 from DTV2
Fireball reported over AZ at 10:57 UT
DTV Channel 2 TV Echoes
during the Eta Aquarids
(Peak is May 5, 2016)
Charts from May 3, 2016 Time: UT
WWV 25 MHz Echoes during the Perseid shower.
August 12-13, 2015

Digital TV 2 Meteor Echoes during Perseids
 August 12 to 13th, 2015.
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